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This page is a translated version of the page "What should I be aware of if I'm not on an LTS kernel?" and the translation is 50% complete.
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What should I be aware of if I'm not on an LTS kernel?

  • "Stable"and "Release Candidate" (RC) kernels are *Development* kernels
  • They have the newest, shiniest features but are not as rock-solid as LTS kernels
  • These kernels become End of Life (EOL) much quicker than LTS kernels, so you should keep an eye on:

1. The Manjaro #announcements OR 2. Linus Torvald's kernel page to know when your shiny new genie will go "poof" back into its bottle. 🧞 🪔

  • If you're on a RC kernel, update frequently and stay on that kernel once it becomes stable
  • If you're on a Stable kernel, install a higher version Stable kernel the moment it gets releases as Stable (so don't jump on the RC kernel bandwagon: these are less stable than what you've got already)
  • Shut down or reboot your machine at least once per day. (Like Windows: that's as unstable as a RC Linux kernel) 😂
  • Manjaro is one of the few distros that supports Stable and RC kernels so live with a bit of frustration if things go a bit wonky every now and then and certainly don't install Ubuntu or Mint or RHEL as they will just not support any of this.
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