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GNOME is a desktop environment that aims to be simple and easy to use. It is a part of the GNU Project.



Instructions for installing GNOME can be found on the Install Desktop Environments page.


Desktop Icons

Beginning in versions 3.29 the desktop icons functionality was removed and disabled by GNOME. If you wish to restore the desktop icons you have a few options:

  • Replace nautilus with another file manager that supports desktop icons, such as nemo.
  • Replace nautilus with its legacy version, nautilus-legacy.
    • Afterwards to enable desktop icons use gnome-tweaks or dconf-editor ( org.gnome.desktop.background > show-desktop-icons > TRUE )

To manually control which system icons appear on the desktop use dconf-editor to navigate to org.gnome.nautilus.desktop then toggle <NAME>-icon-visible to TRUE or FALSE.

See also

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