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Keyboard shortcuts can be used to access frequently used applications, such as a web browser, terminal, file manager, or package manager.


In your panel, Applications -> Settings -> Keyboard.

Open the Application Shortcuts Tab. This is what it looks like(customised).

To Add a new Shortcut, click on Add


Now we need to type in the name of the command.


For terminal,


Click on Ok.

Then we need to press the keyboard key(s) to create the shortcut.


We choose the Super(Windows) + t key combination for Terminal


and the shortcut would be created.


More such shortcuts can be created in a similar manner.

These shortcuts can be edited also by double clicking on them to change the command.


Application Command Shortcut
Web browser exo-open --launch WebBrowser <Super>W
File manager (Thunar) thunar <Super>F
Package manager (Pamac) pamac-manager <Super>P
Package manager (Octopi) octopi <Super>O
GParted gksudo gparted <Super>G
Clipboard manager xfce4-popup-clipman <Super><Alt>C

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