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Unfortunately, it would seem that the DVD copy of Manjaro 0.8.2 provided with the British publication Linux Format in February (issue 167) has been mis-configured slightly. More specifically, Linux Format made some changes of their own to our bootup screen, resulting in an inability to boot at all where selecting languages such as Bulgarian, Brazilian, or German from the menu. An error message such as Waiting 30 Seconds for media with label "MJRO_082" may instead be displayed, before landing in the GRUB-Rescue box.

However, this issue can be solved with relative ease by following the instructions provided below.

Fixing the MISOLabel Problem

To fix this problem:

1. Select the desired language and keyboard layout

2. Highlight the desired boot method (e.g. Boot Manjaro Linux or Boot Manjaro Linux with non-free graphics drivers)

3. Press <tab> key (i.e. not <enter> as would normally be the case). As illustrated below (where the Brazilian language has been selected) the bootup instructions will now appear at the bottom of the screen:


The orange highlight illustrates the boot option where the <tab> key was pressed.

The red highlight illustrates the problem that is causing the error: the misolabel is listed as MJRO_082 when it should be listed as LXFDVD167.

The green highlight illustrates the the correct misolabel to use, again LXFDVD167

The solution is therefore to replace the text highlighted red (i.e. MJRO_082) with that highlighted green (i.e. LXFDVD167). Once the change has been made, press <enter> to continue booting up into the live-CD.