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Welcome to the Manjaro Wiki!

What's New - The Latest Changes

26 May 2020

Contents page


Getting Started


Various articles to answer all your questions!
New to Manjaro? Start here for an overview!

On-Line and Support

Our blog, forum, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook accounts.
Additional direct support for Manjaro users.

Get Manjaro

Download square.png
Where to find the latest and greatest Manjaro releases.
Check your Manjaro download for errors in Linux and Windows.


Burn Manjaro to CD/DVD or USB stick in Linux and Windows.
Installation and partitioning guides for beginners and experienced users.

Customisation and Configuration

Boot / Startup

How to enable virtualisation, run Manjaro on Windows 8 systems, and more!
A how-to for making the GRUB menu as well as boot-up & shutdown process fonts bigger. Useful for high-resolution displays.

Manjaro Settings Manager

Here you can set your Language, User Account, Kernel, Time and Date, and your Graphics Card Drivers.

Software Management

Change repositories, find the fastest mirrors, etc.
Instructions for using the Package Manager and more.
There's a range of user-friendly software managers available!
Learn about and use the AUR.
Extend your software library using Flatpaks
Install and manage Snaps on Manjaro


Configuring tablets and pens.
You need to know this - Kernels and Graphics Cards.
View, install, remove, or reinstall GPU drivers and much more.
Enable printing and add printers.
Got the power? No? Then optimise it!
SystemD and /etc/fstab options for device mounting.

Software Applications

A list of available audio players
How to cut out sections of video to keep or join with other media.
Install Bmpanel2 and configure it under Manjaro without problems.
Install and configure ClamAV in Manjaro without problems.
mplayer config file overkill.
Install Encfs encryption and encrypt your Dropbox under Manjaro.
A quick & dirty how-to for ripping many formats of movies.
How to mount and unmount disk images the Manjaro way.
Install Spotify Client in Manjaro without problems.
Use Virtualbox in Manjaro, and Manjaro in Virtualbox.
Virtualization with QEMU/KVM.
Use Manjaro in VMware and Installing VMWare on Manjaro
Worker is an extremely customisable file manager, with a learning curve.

Network / Internet

Security, Customisation, and Configuration.
Firewalls on Manjaro
Solution for update dynamic IP for openDNS service.
Use a mouse and keyboard across multiple machines & operating systems.
Managing networking
How to setup Samba share in your network.
Using Python's built-in network capabilities to share files.
One of the many ways to mount shares.


How to shrink and add a partition & make Manjaro know where & what it is.
All about swap space
Manage Systemd's Journal & syslog-ng's /var/log/*log files.
Information on root and superuser passwords.
Solutions & workarounds for various Windows versions.
How to view and edit files in each Manjaro edition.

DEs, DMs, & WMs

De dm.png
Conky can display a lot of useful information on your desktop.
Install, configure, or even bypass MDM, GDM, SDDM, LXDM, and SLiM.
Install popular desktops and apply a range of desktop-specific configuration.
Ensure QT apps match GTK+ DE/WM theming.
Ensure Jave apps match GTK+ DE/WM theming.
Set custom keyboard bindings.

BASH / Terminal

Shortcuts for your terminal.

Developer Tools

Set of tools used by Manjaro developers and advanced users.
Build your own Manjaro ISOs - detailed instructions and examples.
How to include AUR packages into your own Manjaro ISO build.


Boot / Startup

Can't boot Manjaro? You may be able to repair rather than reinstall!
Prevent Manjaro's GRUB from being overridden.
Solution for a problem that affects certain computers using JMicron chips.

Software Management

A relatively common problem explained and easily solved.
Explanation and solution for a mirrorlist problem.
Explanation and solution for this software authentication issue.
Explanation and solution for this rare issue.
Solutions to updating issue 'X exists in filesystem'


The solution for an issue that particularly affects some makes of laptops.
A quick test in the Terminal.
Troubleshooting common issues related to ALSA.
Enables Linux, Windows & OS/X systems to read/write data on removable media.
Fix for WD Green intellipark "feature" that parks the heads every 8 seconds.


De dm.png
Hopefully one of these tips will fix your screen tearing problem.
A fix for the "no locale support" error in dmenu.

Wiki Editing

How to create an account, and the dos and do-nots for Wiki contributors.
Guide on how to create a new wiki page.
Full user guide on every aspect of Wiki authorship and maintenance.
How to create new box templates