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(Created page with "Pas repositories aan en vindt de snelste mirrors.")
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* '''[[Pacman|Pacman]]'''
* '''[[Pacman|Pacman]]'''

: ''Instructions for using the '''Pac'''kage '''Man'''ager and more.''
: ''Instructies in het gebruik van de '''Pac'''kage '''Man'''ager en meer.''

* '''[[Graphical Software Managers|Graphical Software Managers]]'''
* '''[[Graphical Software Managers|Graphical Software Managers]]'''

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Alle wiki handleidingen en naslag werken staan hier.




verschillende artikelen om jouw vragen te beantwoorden
Nieuw bij Manjaro? Bekijk hier een overzicht!

Online en Ondersteuning

Onze Forum, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook accounts.
Extra support voor Manjaro users.

Haal Manjaro op

Waar vind je de laatste en beste Manjaro releases.
Controleer je download op fouten in Linux en Windows.


Zet Manjaro op een CD/DVD of USB stick in Linux and Windows.
installatie en partitionering handleiding voor beginners en gevorderden.

Maatwerk en Configuratie

Boot / Opstarten

Hoe zet je virtualisatie aan, draai Manjaro op Windows 10 systems, en meer!
installeer , configureer, of negeer MDM, GDM, SDDM, LXDM, and SLiM.
SystemD en /etc/fstab opties voor het mounten van devices.
Vergrootten van de letters tijdens opstarten afsluiten en in het GRUB menu.

DEs / WMs

Conky kan heel veel gegevens over je computer op je desktop laten zien.

Installeer populaire desktops en configureer desktop specifieke instellingen

Zorg dat QT applicaties hetzelfde thema gebruiken als GTK+ DE/WM thema's

Zorg dat java applicaties het GTK+ DE/WM thema volgen

Software Management

Pas repositories aan en vindt de snelste mirrors.

Instructies in het gebruik van de Package Manager en meer.
There's a range of user-friendly software managers available!
Learn about and use the AUR.
Extend your software library using Flatpaks
Install and manage Snaps on Manjaro
A collection of tips and configurations for many applications

Hardware / MSM

MSM can set your Language, User Account, Kernel, Time and Date, Graphics Card Drivers, and more.
Kernels and Drivers.(mhwd)
View, install, remove, or reinstall GPU drivers and much more.
Got the power? No? Then optimise it!
Enable printing and add printers.
Configuring tablets and pens.
Tips specific to ARM systems

Network / Internet

Security, Customization, and Configuration.
Firewalls on Manjaro
Solution for update dynamic IP for openDNS service.
Use a mouse and keyboard across multiple machines & operating systems.
Managing networking
How to setup Samba share in your network.
Using Python's built-in network capabilities to share files.
One of the many ways to mount shares.

System / Misc

The policykity rules implemented by Manjaro
How to shrink and add a partition & make Manjaro know where & what it is.
Shortcuts for your terminal.
Set of tools used by Manjaro developers and advanced users.
Information on different file systems, how they work, and how to use them.
All about swap space
Manage Systemd's Journal & syslog-ng's /var/log/*log files.
Information on root and superuser passwords.
Solutions & workarounds for various Windows versions.
Set custom keyboard bindings.
How to view and edit files in each Manjaro edition.


Boot / Startup

Can't boot Manjaro? You may be able to repair rather than reinstall!
Prevent Manjaro's GRUB from being overridden.
Solution for a problem that affects certain computers using JMicron chips.


Hopefully one of these tips will fix your screen tearing problem.
A fix for the "no locale support" error in dmenu.


The solution for an issue that particularly affects some makes of laptops.
A quick test in the Terminal.
Troubleshooting common issues related to ALSA.



Full user guide on every aspect of Wiki authorship and maintenance.
Guide on how to create a new wiki page.


How to create an account, and the dos and do-nots for Wiki contributors.
The starting point for those willing to contribute to the wiki.
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