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This guidelines is too support people in general. That want to help & support other people.

   * how to act
   * Forum
   * ask system info
   * Line of error
   * Pastebin the error or config
   * peak at Manjaro Blog
   * Videocard
   * manjarostuff
   * Google Searches
   * Fix system

Mather for people got issues have some point also to look at!

How to act

Be always patience and friendly. If there is an issue, Just ask friendly what is the problem and ask if there an pastebin is possible.


IRC can be busy and very quiet on some point. Not all issues can be solved. An advice is sometimes good to look further in the wiki or forum. And place an issue on the forum if its possible to quick help the problem.

Ask system info

Issues can't be solved without ask about system information. Besides ask of the issue, also info about the system. In mind could be system iso version hardware etc etc..

Also pastebin follow :

* mhwd -li
* inxi -Fz
* sudo systemctl status (Service)       : like Bumblebeed , Display-Manager etc..

Line of error

If an program not working. Sometimes open an terminal and try to open the program in terminal. Mostly you get an Error code. You can use it to Pastebin the issue.

Pastebin the error or config

Paste the error on channel is an big no ! so is usefull to pastebin in an service to keep the channel clean as possible! When line of error is found use an Pastebin service to report the issue.

You can use the next services:


you can download pastebinit from repo. and in terminal :

   package | pastebinit

you get an link back to send further on IRC / forum.

peak at Manjaro Blog

Some issues are mentioned to the manjaro blog system. Depend always what kinda issues.


It depend always what kinda videocard you or others have.

on basics :

* bumblebeed/optimus:

mhwd-gpu --status you find some status on videocard. mhwd-gpu --check , check of je symlink is ok.

its possible mhwd install an wrong videodriver. if you on nvidia, check your videocard and which driver it uses on because there are 3 nvidia driverS.

* video-nvidia   notice : Removed support for G8x, G9x, and GT2xx GPUs
* video-nvidia-340xx    (lts)
* video-nvidia-304xx     (legacy)

if sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300 , recognized the wrong way and install video-nvidia and after reboot you get blackscreen. CTRL-ALT-F(x) like F1 , you can do mhwd -li , sudo mhwd -r pci (video-driver)

and add with sudo mhwd -i pci (next video-driver on mhwd -l)

Is also possible people tried to install Nvidia drivers from main site. That can be an pain. if got error and blackscreen and tried to reinstall with mhwd again you get some library issue and pacman failed so is importand to remove those library with Sudo rm /path/*.so whats its named. Then can mhwd do his job back


Sometimes it can be manjaro stuff you have to follow. like :

 * add manjaro kernel
 * pacman-mirrors
 * mhwd for videocard
 * mhwd for network drivers

Most overview is this :

but on Network driver if you got Broadcomm or some realtek. just Mhwd -l and install with sudo mhwd -i pci network-(follows mhwd -l list)

Also in Manjaro-settings-manager shows some graphical stuf to work with.

Google Searches

People are against Google but on somepoint you can find some issues that can be indentical. or use an other search services.

as on topic line of error you open up in terminal paste that error in google or other services sometimes you can find issues.

IRC guidelines

As follows the Support guidelines Support guidelines some General IRC guidelines is attached.

Be civil and positive

Be civil and respect other people's opinions, whether you agree or not. Please do not be rude, judgmental or belittling. Respond to incivility with greater civility and respect. Please do not accuse others or request kicks or bans in public, engage in personal attacks, intentionally offend or provoke others. Do not discuss or taunt users who have been removed, kicked, banned, quieted or devoiced. Be positive.

Be considerate

Be Considerate. Please do not intentionally annoy or harass users, whether by spamming, trolling, flamebaiting, astroturfing, soapboxing or typing in all caps. Do not run "now playing" scripts. By performing excessive /nick, /join or /parts, you flood all users in the channel with many meaningless lines so please try to avoid it. IRC presents users with away status notifications; it is unnecessary to publicly announce changes in away status (including sending text to the channel, changing your current nick to nick|away, etc.). There is an away option in an IRC client it will set you to hide.

Keep the channel family-friendly

Keep the Channel Family-Safe/-Friendly. Please consider that we try to keep #manjaro a 'family-safe' channel. Keep this in mind in your on-channel discussions and when selecting your quit/part messages. Please do not link to anything which could cause offense or be not safe-for-work or use foul, vulgar or profane language (or acronyms or substitutes which imply foul, vulgar or profane language). Please also avoid graphically-violent, racially-charged and sexually-explicit comments. If you are uncertain whether a word is considered foul language, please be safe and do not use it. If you are uncertain, then it is highly likely that it would offend another. There is a distinct difference between how you can act in your own, private channel where everybody knows everyone else and a large, public channel with changing regulars and guests who have lots of different backgrounds.

Say Sorry

When its happend someone offend other user uncounsiosly. Say sorry and tell your regret of your action. The offended person should be open for that. And agreed of your regret.

And when you get offended notice the person. tell fairly of your issue. The offender should give his regret. And keep all in open dialog. If thinks still getting on, notice channel OP. Further info see mediation.


The rumble between offender and victim is bad. If general user has no problem with kinda a person. Mediation will be start. Its a thing that needs to keep peace and learn things from each other. This will happend with the OP twheen two and possible when needed an other one extra.

Be clear and concise and use English whenever possible

Be clear, concise and try to use English. We prefer the vast majority of conversation to be in English. Most of us speak English so it is generally helpful to keep a common language. That said, if someone asks a question in another language and you can speak that language, do not hesitate to assist the person on the channel or in query. Please speak as plainly as possible. Please do not excessively use hard-to-understand acronyms, "txtspk" or "l33tsp33k". Remember that, although most conversations occur in English, many are not speaking their native language. Please support other Manjaro channels to have more multilanguage support for manjaro. see :

Observe the spirit of the guidelines

Please observe the spirit of the guidelines. While these guidelines attempt to provide a clear guide for the successful and pleasurable use of the channel, they are an outline only. Please don't use any of the ideas listed here to obfuscate or obstruct the intent or to harass other users. The channel is dependent on your willingness for it to succeed. Please avoid the practice of testing every boundary, every guideline, every word to see where you might get away with something. Please do not loudly protest the policies of Manjaro and the actions of its staff team in a way that invites drama and negativity and disrupts the regular flow of information in the channel. If you want to talk policy, do it via email.

Your responsibilities

You MUST keep up to date with this Users Agreement. It will be amended from time to time, and it will be entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be aware of any changes. Announcements will be made in the channel if there are any changes.

You MUST read all announcements posted in the channel by the Channel Operators. These notices are posted for YOUR BENEFIT, it is entirely YOUR responsibility to read and adhere to any guidelines they outline. Your failure to read, know, or adhere to these rules will likely result in disciplinary action, since you will not be aware of the rules, or changes.


By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

Respect decisions

Respect decisions. Channel ops work hard to be fair and balanced, but may not always resolve issues exactly the way you would. We are always willing to talk with you about any issues you have, but we ask that if you disagree with our actions, to please bring your criticism to us in query. This helps keep the channel on-topic as possible and calm.


Appeals to action taken by Channel Operators may be made by Private Message only to any of the Channel Operators.

If there no channel operator around. To PM an issue, please contact with /msg MemoServ send ringo32 or place an message in contact page

Some Tips  : freenodes catalyst for irc  : avoid agruments on irc