Progress Bar as Pacman Eating Power Pills

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If you are bored of simply watching lines of hashes while downloading software packages in the terminal, then why not amaze your friends and show off the true power of an Arch-based system by changing the progress bar to Pacman eating power pills instead? To do so, it will be necessary to amend the pacman configuration file (pacman.conf) using the terminal.

Opening the Pacman Configuration File

The syntax to open the pacman configuration file is:

sudo [text editor] /etc/pacman.conf

For example, if you wish to edit the file within the terminal using nano (a standard terminal-based text editor) then enter:

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Otherwise - if you have installed the full version of Manjaro (i.e. not the NET-Edition) - you may find it easier to use the pre-installed gedit text editor instead. This will open the configuration file up as a document, making it easier to read and edit. To use gedit instead, the command is:

sudo gedit /etc/pacman.conf

Adding the ILoveCandy Command

Tip: Ensure that the command is input exactly as illustrated, including the correct use of capitalisation.


Once the pacman configuration file has been opened, it will be necessary to add the command ILoveCandy to the #Misc options section, located near the middle of the file. An example has been provided below where this section has been amended accordingly:

# Misc options

Saving the Pacman Configuration File

Once the amendment has been completed, save and close the configuration file by:

  • nano: Press CTRL and 'x' to exit, 'y' to save, and <enter> to finish, or
  • gedit: Select the 'save' option and then close the window.

The change will take place with immediate effect!