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<br />
Now dmenu works correctly.
Now dmenu works correctly.
=Install & configure graphical language switcher (xxkb)=
Install program xxkb
<pre>sudo pacman -S xxkb</pre>
<br />
Create folder in /home/jimmy/.config that will hold the language flag images used by the xxkb switcher
<pre>sudo mkdir /home/jimmy/.config/xxkb</pre>
<br />
Go to any site providing free images of country flags and download the flag images for United Kingdom and Greece.
<br />
Resize the flag images you downloaded to 20x20 pixels and convert them to be of type xpm.
<br />
Rename the flag images to gb.xpm and gr.xpm for United Kingdom and Greece respectively.
<br />
Copy the flag images into the folder /home/jimmy/.config/xxkb that you have previously created.
<br />
Create configuration file for xxkb in user's home folder.
<pre>sudo nano /home/jimmy/.xxkbrc</pre>
Edit it to read
XXkb.image.path: /home/jimmy/.config/xxkb
XXkb.group.base: 1
XXkb.group.alt: 2
XXkb.mainwindow.type: tray
XXkb.mainwindow.enable: yes
XXkb.mainwindow.appicon: yes
XXkb.mainwindow.border.width: 1
XXkb.mainwindow.label.enable: no
XXkb.mainwindow.border.color: white
XXkb.mainwindow.geometry: 20x20+0+0
XXkb.mainwindow.image.1: gb.xpm
XXkb.mainwindow.image.2: gr.xpm
XXkb.mainwindow._delete: no
XXkb.button.enable: no
XXkb.controls.focusout: no
XXkb.controls.two_state: no
XXkb.controls.add_when_start: yes
XXkb.controls.add_when_create: yes
XXkb.controls.add_when_change: no
and save.
<br />
=Make xxkb autostart when openbox starts=
Edit openbox's autostart configuration file
<pre>sudo nano /home/jimmy/.config/openbox/autostart</pre>
In section ##Startup, after the last line, add the line
<pre>(sleep 1s && xxkb) &</pre>
and save.
<br />
=Reboot the operating system=
<pre>sudo reboot</pre>

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[[Category:Contents Page]]
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