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You have reached the user page of Aaditya Bagga!

I am a Linux(GNU/Linux) enthusiast and currently using Manjaro since June 2013.

I am a member of the Support Team on the Manjaro Forums - My profile

You can contact me by sending me a PM at the forums.

I have made contributions to the following pages-

1. Main Page- Seperated Downloading and Installing and Made a Get Manjaro Section for Downloading.

2. Added downloading via Torrents subsection in Downloading Manjaro [1]

3. Small edits to the Main Page Topics like changing On-line to Online/Support: Forums and Blog

4. Changing how What's new section looks (I widened it so that it takes up less length)

5. Added subsection on holding packages back by pacman. [[2]]

6. Added subsection for using timeset script for managing system time in Using Manjaro for Beginners page. [3]

7. Created Improve Font Rendering section in XFCE. [4]

8. Created Keyboard Shortcuts for Applications in XFCE. [5]

9. Added a new Section to the Main Page- Tips And Tricks

10. Created the topic aliases in .bashrc in Tips and Tricks [6]

11. Created the topic Power Saving:Tips n Tricks. [7]

12. Reordered Desktop Environments on the Main page.

13. Added a sub-section for upgrading via terminal using pacman -Syu [8]

14. Added a sub-section for manually installing grub-efi. [9]

15. Seperated the AUR from Repositories and Mirrors, and created a seperate entry for it. [10]

16. Added installing a package from the AUR to the Pacman wiki page. [11]

17. Added upgrading packages obtained from the AUR to the AUR Wiki page [12]

18. Added Pacman Tips page link to the Pacman page [13]

19.Added a section for installing from the AUR by Hand in the AUR Wiki page. [14]

20.Added dual booting with Windows in UEFI-Install Guide [15]

21.Restore GRUB bootloader for UEFI systems [16]