Using Samba in your File Manager

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Accessing SMB Shares from the File Manager

Dolphin is capable of mounting smb file shares without needing any additional packages. All other file managers require installing the package gvfs-smb. This is present by default in most Manjaro editions but if you need to install it you can so with:

pamac install gvfs-smb

Sharing Files from the File Manager

The following will guide you through setting up user sharing with Samba so that you can use your file manager to share folders.


Depending on which file manager you use there are different packages to install. Please reference the appropriate section for your file manager.

The manjaro-settings-samba package will install a basic config and enable the file sharing services. The whole process is nicely automated.

Nemo - Cinnamon

pamac install nemo-share manjaro-settings-samba

Nautilus - Gnome/Budgie

pamac install nautilus-share manjaro-settings-samba

Caja - MATE

pamac install caja-share manjaro-settings-samba

Thunar - XFCE

pamac install thunar-shares-plugin-gtk3

Dolphin - KDE/plasma

pamac install samba kdenetwork-filesharing manjaro-settings-samba

Finishing Up

Once you have installed the required packages for your file manager you should reboot to start the services and let the group changes take effect.


User Accounts

If you are getting permission denied when connecting to a new share, one common cause of this is that samba does not have access to Linux user passwords by default. To remedy this, create a samba password for your user account:

sudo smbpasswd -a theusername

This will create a password for the user.

User Doesn't have Rights to Create Shares

If you get an error that you don't have rights to create shares ensure that you user account has been added to the group sambashare. After modifying groups it is required to logout for the changes to take effect.


If you are getting "connection denied" errors make sure you have allowed access through your firewall. See the firewall wiki article for more details.

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