Manjaro Basic Submission Rules

Basic Submission Rules

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This wiki will be the first port of call of many thousands of Manjaro users, both new and old, inexperienced and experienced. It is also a reflection of the Manjaro Team and Community as a whole, helping to form first impressions and ultimately factoring in to whether potential users will try Manjaro, and whether existing users will stick with it. As such, the wiki is an important aspect of the Manjaro distribution, and the contribution of articles to it is not to be taken lightly. To help out contributors, as few basic rules have been provided.

How to Create an Account

To request a Manjaro Wiki account, send an email to our support.


  • Write in plain language
  • Provide examples
  • Provide simple and clear explanations
  • Break up complex guides into simple steps
  • Use screen-shots where possible
  • Keep in mind that the wiki is intended for absolute beginners
  • Try to keep the general layout and formatting of your articles consistent with the others
  • Check for existing articles which can be added to before creating a new article
  • Link to existing content instead of duplicating content whenever possible
  • Take your time - quality over quantity


  • Rip off other wikis or articles - EVER - even if your work is based on them. There's always a way to improve and elaborate
  • Create articles that only link to other wikis and/or articles. The article itself must be substantive and provide a good foundation for new users to start with.
  • Copy articles and use them as a basis to create new articles with overlapping contents
  • Write lazy, slap-dash crap. It helps no-one and reflects badly on all concerned, including those who have put in a lot of hard work. This includes not putting personal opinion as fact.
  • Get possessive over your content. This is a collaborative effort, and others are entitled to make tweaks and changes here and there, just as you are.
  • Delete content without first contacting the Wiki Admin for permission.
  • Undertake any major revisions or re-structuring without first contacting the Wiki Admin for permission.
  • Write insulting, derogatory, or libelous claims against other organisations or people
  • Submit copyrighted content
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