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Bmpanel2 with the Auriel-Blue-smooth theme
Bmpanel (Bitmap Panel) is a lightweight panel for the X11 Window System, it contains a desktop switcher, taskbar, system tray and a clock. The Application is meant to be tiny and small but also to look and feel modern.


You can install Bmpanel from the AUR with the command

user $ pamac build bmpanel2 COPY TO CLIPBOARD


You can configure Bmpanel2 with it's built in configuration program called

user $ bmpanel2cfg COPY TO CLIPBOARD

Configuration window of Bmpanel2
Like you can see you have the ability to change the theme (which you can find in /usr/share/bmpanel2/themes),

you can set the program which will get opened when you click at the clock (in this example gsimplecal, a simple gtk calendar application).

You can also set a Task urgency hint which when activated will highlight the urgency window in the taskbar. In Alternatives you can set an alternative to the desktop switcher. In the Launch Bar settings you can set a application menu.


If configured with bmpanel2cfg you only have to start bmpanel with

user $ bmpanel2 & COPY TO CLIPBOARD

And it will starts a new panel (Keep in mind that for an systemtray you only can run one panel at time!)

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