Manjaro Translations:System Maintenance/23/en

Translations:System Maintenance/23/en

From Manjaro
  • Don’t update the local package database (metadata) without also updating the system
  • You may install a single package using pacman -S <pkgname> but this may yield a 404 error if your metadata is not current
  • Don't use pacman -Sy, pacman -Syy, pacman -Syuw as this will update the metadata but not sync the packages to your system
  • Always sync metadata and packages together pacman -Syu
  • Don't add packages to pacman's or pamac's ignore list
  • If you just want to check to see what updates are available use the command checkupdates. This provides a safe way to check for upgrades to installed packages without pulling metadata at the same time
  • When switching branches or switching mirrors always sync your systems metadata and packages using pamac update or pacman -Syu
  • If you get 404 in connection with a branch switch you may force sync metadata by doubling the y argument pacman -Syyu
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