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(How do you do it?)
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  QGtkStyle has been removed from qt5-base 5.7.0 &
  28-July-2016: Updated method
added to qt5-styleplugins which is an AUR package.
So since Qt 5.7 you need to install qt5-styleplugins
if you are using a GTK+ based DE/WM. If you use both
GTK2 & GTK3 applications you may need to find a
compatible theme.

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28-July-2016: Updated method


For those of us that use Desktop Environments &/or Window Managers that use GTK+ , this fix is particularly helpful.

For those such as myself that run 1080p or higher screen resolutions on largish monitors it can be quite a strain on the eyes when you can't control the size of the fonts that an application uses.

This fix makes your Qt app's use your GTK+ theme (colours & such) & your chosen font settings.

How do you do it?

1) Install qt5-styleplugins and qt5ct

2) Set environment variable in /etc/environment: QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct

3) Restart the system

4) Start qt5ct with sudo rights (very important) and select gtk2


After saving the file & rebooting, I then, with trepidation, opened the Qt 5.7 program called PkgBrowser... It looked just like my other GTK+ app's on my Openbox system (there is no accounting for taste!). I was very happy.


Here is a picture of the Qt 5.5 PkgBrowser program open full screen on my 1080p Openbox (GTK2) box. It is using my custom dark theme & my large font settings. My eyes love it.


This ArchWiki page goes into far more detail:

Uniform look for Qt and GTK applications [1]


Following is a link to this page's forum counterpart where you can post any related feedback: [2]