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Dolphin is the file management application of Plasma Workspace. It is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful.

Installing Dolphin

Dolphin can be installed by installing the package dolphin in any package manager or with the command:

pamac install dolphin

Enabling previews


Installing optional dependencies

The following packages enable preview thumbnails in dolphin

  • ffmpegthumbs: video thumbnails
  • kdegraphics-thumbnailers: PDF and PS thumbnails
  • qt5-imageformats: thumbnails for additional image formats
  • kimageformats: thumbnails for additional image formats
  • taglib: audio file thumbnails
  • libappimage: AppImage thumbnails
  • raw-thumbnailer: Raw image files from a camera

To install all of these use:

pamac install ffmpegthumbs kdegraphics-thumbnailers qt5-imageformats kimageformats taglib libappimage raw-thumbnailer

Enabling preview thumbnails in Dolphin

Once the packages needed to generate thumbnails are installed, you need to enable the previews in dolphin in the settings. These can be found in Dolphin under Control->Configure Dolphin->General under the Previews tab.

Check the boxes for the previews to be enabled. If you don't want large remote files to have previews generated, set a maximum size in box next to Skip previews for remote files above: section.

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