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== SHA1 and SHA256 ==
The 'sha' part of the checksum file name stands for <u>S</u>ecure <u>H</u>ash <u>A</u>lgorithm. This algorithm is used to generate a particular code unique to the downloaded ISO image. '''sha1''' and '''sha256'' are different versions of the algorithm that you can use to do this. Whilst sha1 is the most commonly used version, sha256 is a later and more secure version. Which you decide to use is entirely your choice. '''However, if you are unsure, then it is recommended to use sha256'''.
== Checking in Linux ==
To check the integrity of your downloaded file, it will be necessary to first open the downloaded checksum file using a text editor such as ''Gedit''. Depending on whether you intend to use sha1 or sha256, ensure that you have downloaded and opened the appropriate checksum file (i.e. ending in -sha1.sum or sha256.sum, respectively) as they will contain different codes. Once the checksum file has been opened - and the code is visible - open up your terminal and change to the directory where your downloaded ISO is stored. For example, if your ISO file is located in the default ''Downloads'' folder, you would enter the following command:
== Checking in Windows ==

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