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: ''How to increase the size of boot, shutdown, and GRUB menu fonts.''
: ''Ensure Java apps match GTK+ DE/WM theming.''
: ''A collection of tips and configurations for many applications''
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: ''Configuring tablets and pens.''
<!-- fifth -->
: ''One of the many ways to mount shares.''
<!-- sixth -->
: ''How to view and edit files in each Manjaro edition.''
: ''Solution for a problem that affects certain computers using JMicron chips.''
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: ''A fix for the "no locale support" error in dmenu.''
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* [[]]
: ''error while loading shared libraries:''
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: ''Troubleshooting common issues related to ALSA''.
: ''Guide on how to create a new wiki page.''
: ''The starting point for those willing to contribute to the wiki.''

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