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{{FlexBoxTemplate|<translate><!--T:243-->Getting Started</translate>|
* '''[[Manjaro|Manjaro Overview]]'''
: ''Various articles to answer all your questions!''
* '''[[Using Manjaro for Beginners|Using Manjaro]]'''
: ''New to Manjaro? Start here for an overview! ''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:249-->Online and Support</translate>|
* '''[[Manjaro On-line|Manjaro Online]]'''
: ''Our forum, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook accounts.''
* '''[ Manjaro Telegram]'''
: ''Additional direct support for Manjaro users.''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:254-->Get Manjaro</translate>|
* '''[[Download Manjaro|Download Manjaro]]'''
: ''Where to find the latest and greatest Manjaro releases.''
* '''[[Check a Downloaded ISO Image For Errors|Check a Downloaded ISO Image For Errors]]'''
: ''Check your Manjaro download for errors in Linux and Windows.''
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* '''[[Burn an ISO File|Burn an ISO File]]'''
: ''Burn Manjaro to CD/DVD or USB stick in Linux and Windows.''
* '''[[Installation Guides|Install Manjaro]]'''
: ''Installation and partitioning guides for beginners and experienced users.''
{{FlexBoxTemplate|<translate><!--T:264-->Customisation and Configuration</translate>|
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:265-->Boot / Startup</translate>|
* '''[[BIOS and UEFI|BIOS and UEFI]]'''
: ''How to enable virtualisation, run Manjaro on Windows 8 systems, and more!''
* '''[[Display Managers / Login Screens|Display Managers / Login Screens]]'''
: ''Install, configure, or even bypass MDM, GDM, SDDM, LXDM, and SLiM.''
* '''[[Fstab - Use SystemD automount|Fstab - Use SystemD automount]]'''
: ''SystemD and /etc/fstab options for device mounting.''
* '''[[Make GRUB menu & boot-up/down fonts bigger|Larger GRUB, Boot, and Shutdown Fonts]]'''
: ''How to increase the size of boot, shutdown, and GRUB menu fonts.''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:274-->DEs / WMs</translate>|
* '''[[Basic Tips for conky|Conky - Basic Tips]]'''
: ''Conky can display a lot of useful information on your desktop. ''
* '''[[Desktop Environments|Desktop Environments and Window Managers]]'''
: ''Install popular desktops and apply a range of desktop-specific configuration.''
* '''[[Set all Qt app's to use GTK+ font & theme settings|Set all Qt apps to use GTK+ font & theme settings]]'''
: ''Ensure QT apps match GTK+ DE/WM theming.''
* '''[[Set all Java apps to use GTK+ font & theme settings|Set all Java apps to use GTK+ font & theme settings]]'''
: ''Ensure Java apps match GTK+ DE/WM theming.''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:283-->Software Management</translate>|
* '''[[Repositories and Servers|Repositories and Servers]]'''
: ''Change repositories, find the fastest mirrors, etc.''
* '''[[Pacman|Pacman]]'''
: ''Instructions for using the '''Pac'''kage '''Man'''ager and more.''
* '''[[Graphical Software Managers|Graphical Software Managers]]'''
: ''There's a range of user-friendly software managers available''!
* '''[[Arch User Repository|Arch User Repository]]'''
: ''Learn about and use the AUR.''
* '''[[Flatpak|Flatpak]]'''
: ''Extend your software library using Flatpaks''
* '''[[Snap|Snap]]'''
: ''Install and manage Snaps on Manjaro''
* '''[[Software Applications|Software Applications]]'''
: ''A collection of tips and configurations for many applications''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:298-->Hardware / MSM</translate>|
* '''[[Manjaro Settings Manager|Manjaro Settings Manager]]'''
: ''MSM can set your Language, User Account, Kernel, Time and Date, Graphics Card Drivers, and more.''
* '''[[Manjaro Hardware Detection|Manjaro Hardware Detection]]'''
: ''Kernels and Drivers.(mhwd)''
* '''[[Configure Graphics Cards|Configure Graphics Cards]]'''
: ''View, install, remove, or reinstall GPU drivers and much more.''
* '''[[Power Management|Power Management]]'''
: ''Got the power? No? Then optimise it!''
* '''[[Printing|Printing]]'''
: ''Enable printing and add printers.''
* '''[[Wacom Tablet And Pen|Wacom Tablet And Pen]]'''
: ''Configuring tablets and pens.''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:311-->Network / Internet</translate>|
* '''[[Internet Browsers|Internet Browsers]]'''
: ''Security, Customisation, and Configuration.''
* '''[[Firewalls|Firewalls]]'''
: ''Firewalls on Manjaro''
* '''[[Sync dynamic IP with openDNS service via ddclient|Sync dynamic IP with openDNS service via ddclient]]'''
: ''Solution for update dynamic IP for openDNS service.''
* '''[[Keyboard and Mouse Sharing|Keyboard and Mouse Sharing]]'''
: ''Use a mouse and keyboard across multiple machines & operating systems.''
* '''[[Networking|Networking]]'''
: ''Managing networking''
* '''[[Using Samba in your File Manager|Using Samba in your File Manager]]'''
: ''How to setup Samba share in your network.''
* '''[[Sharing files with Python|Sharing files with Python]]'''
: ''Using Python's built-in network capabilities to share files.''
* '''[[Using autofs (automount) with NFS|Using autofs (automount) with NFS]]'''
: ''One of the many ways to mount shares.''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:328-->System / Misc</translate>|
* '''[[Manjaro Polkit Rules|Manjaro Polkit Rules]]'''
: ''The policykity rules implemented by Manjaro''
* '''[[Add a Storage Partition & Modify your System to Suit|Add a Storage Partition & Modify your System to Suit]]'''
: ''How to shrink and add a partition & make Manjaro know where & what it is.''
* '''[[Aliases in .bashrc|Aliases in .bashrc]]'''
: ''Shortcuts for your terminal.''
* '''[[Developer Tools|Developer Tools]]'''
: ''Set of tools used by Manjaro developers and advanced users.''
* '''[[File Systems|File Systems]]'''
: ''Information on different file systems, how they work, and how to use them.''
* '''[[Swap|Managing Swap]]'''
: ''All about swap space''
* '''[[Limit the size of .log files & the journal|Management of the Systemd Journal & of .log files]]'''
: ''Manage Systemd's Journal & syslog-ng's /var/log/*log files.''
* '''[[Linux Security|Linux Security]]'''
: ''Information on root and superuser passwords.''
* '''[[How to mount Windows (NTFS) filesystem due to hibernation|How to mount Windows (NTFS) filesystem due to hibernation]]'''
: ''Solutions & workarounds for various Windows versions.''
* '''[[Keyboard_Shortcuts|Keyboard Shortcuts]]'''
: ''Set custom keyboard bindings.''
* '''[[Viewing and editing configuration files|Viewing and editing configuration files]]'''
: ''How to view and edit files in each Manjaro edition.''
{{FlexBoxTemplate|<translate><!--T:351-->Troubleshooting</translate>|{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:352-->Boot / Startup</translate>|
* [[Restore the GRUB Bootloader|Restore the GRUB Bootloader]]
: ''Can't boot Manjaro? You may be able to repair rather than reinstall!''
* [[Preserve Manjaro Bootloader|Preserve Manjaro Bootloader]]
: ''Prevent Manjaro's GRUB from being overridden.''
* [[Kernel Fails to Load (pata_acpi error)|Kernel Fails to Load / "Unable to Find Device" Error]]
: ''Solution for a problem that affects certain computers using JMicron chips.''
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* [[Various screen tearing fixes|Various screen tearing fixes]]
: ''Hopefully one of these tips will fix your screen tearing problem.''
* [[DMenu - warning: no locale support|DMenu - warning: no locale support]]
: ''A fix for the "no locale support" error in dmenu.''
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{{SubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:364-->Software Management</translate>|
* [[pacman troubleshooting|Common Issues and Pacman Troubleshooting]]
: ''[[pacman troubleshooting#"GPGME_error:_No_data" Error|"GPGME_error:_No_data" Error]]''
: ''[[pacman troubleshooting#"Unable to lock database" Error|"Unable to lock database" Error]]''
: ''[[pacman troubleshooting#"Failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)" Error|"Invalid or corrupted package" Error]]''
: ''[[pacman_troubleshooting#"Configuration_file...not recognized" Error|"Configuration file...not recognized" Error]]''
: ''[[pacman troubleshooting#Conflicting files - FILENAME exists in filesystem|"Conflicting files - FILENAME exists in filesystem" Error]]''
* [[]]
: ''error while loading shared libraries:''
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* [[Reactivating the Backlight|Screen Brightness is too Dark or Dim]]
: ''The solution for an issue that particularly affects some makes of laptops''.
* [[Did X.server recognise your monitor correctly?|Did X.server recognise your monitor correctly?]]
: ''A quick test in the Terminal''.
* [[ALSA|Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)]]
: ''Troubleshooting common issues related to ALSA''.
* [// User's Guide]
: ''Full user guide on every aspect of Wiki authorship and maintenance.''
* [[How to create a new Wiki Page|How to create a new Wiki Page]]
: ''Guide on how to create a new wiki page.''
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* [[Basic Submission Rules|Basic Submission Rules]]
: ''How to create an account, and the dos and do-nots for Wiki contributors.''
* [[Contributing|Contributing]]
: ''The starting point for those willing to contribute to the wiki.''

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