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* [[Manjaro Hardware Detection Overview]]
: ''Identify hardware, and identify and install hardware drivers.<br>(mhwd) ''
* [[Manjaro Kernels]]
: ''Identify, install, and remove kernels from your system.<br>(mhwd-kernel) ''
* [[Manjaro Settings Manager]]
: ''MSM offers a series of settings including drivers, <br />kernels, locale, and more in a GUI interface. ''
* [[Configure_Graphics_Cards| Configure Your Graphics Card]]
: ''Use mhwd to identify, install, re-install, and remove graphics card drivers. ''
* [[Configure NVIDIA (non-free) settings and load them on Startup]]
: ''How to properly use nvidia-settings to configure Resolution/Refresh Rate,<br>Antialiasing, OpenGL Settings, Bumblebee & Steam and more. ''

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