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{{SectionTemplate|<translate><!--T:14--> Accessing the AUR</translate>|2=
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{{SectionTemplateSubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:15--> Using GUI [[Pamac]]</translate>|2=
At Preferences page &rarr; select the AUR tab &rarr; and move the slider to enable AUR.
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{{SectionTemplateSubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:18--> Using commandline [[Pamac]]</translate>|2=
{{Important|<translate><!--T:19--> It is '''strongly''' recommended to follow this link [ AUR website] and examine the relevant page(s) for any and all software intended to be installed. </translate>}}
# Query to edit build files. This is a precaution to verify that the build scripts does not contain malicious actions.
# Query to continue download and install dependencies then download the sources, build and install the app.
# You will be asked for your password before anything happens.</translate>|4=1
{{SectionTemplateSubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:26--> Using GUI [[Octopi]]</translate>|
See [[Octopi#Accessing_the_AUR|this guide]] for enabling AUR support in Octopi.</translate>|4=1}}
{{SectionTemplate|<translate><!--T:28--> Installing from the AUR by hand</translate>|2=
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{{SectionTemplateSubContentTemplate|<translate><!--T:29--> Manual</translate>|2=
''Note:'' To combine above steps into one:
{{UserCmd|command=makepkg -is}}|4=1

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