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# If present, remove the hash ('#') at the beginning of '''session='''
# Remove the existing desktop environment listed (or any other text such as 'lxdm') from '''session=/usr/bin/<font color ="red">[text to be removed]</font color>''', and
# Add the command to start your chosen / installed desktop envrionment at the end of '''session=/usr/bin/'''. An example Examples for every officially supported different desktop environment environments has been listed below:
* '''To start XFCE''':
* '''gedit''': Select the 'save' option and then close the window.
Reboot your system for the changes to take effect.
===Optional: Enable Timeout Auto-Login===
{{BoxInfo|Info|The basic auto-login feature itself must also be enabled to enable this feature in turn. In addition, this feature also only works upon first booting up into Manjaro.}}
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