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Alternatively, follow this guide to install a more modern window manager with higher hardware resources: [[LXQt with kwin]]
=Window Content Theming=
yaourt -S vertex-themes
Edit manually the theme files to further customise customize if you like. 
=Theming A Pure Qt4/5 System=
For customising customizing a pure Qt4/5 system you can use the preinstalled qtconfig-qt4 and its qt5 version, [ qt5ct] which you can easily compile, (as of this writing) if you have qt5 version 5.4.0 or higher.from the AUR:  yaourt -S qt5ct
And after a qt5 upgrade Attention: After an update to Qt5 you may need to re-install/compile <code>qt5ct</code>.
Your customisation customization by this tool will not be honoured immediately (only) by <code>pcmanfm-qt</code> which runs in your LXQt system in daemon mode. In order for it to honour your customisation customization you need to re-login.
In addition to the preinstalled qt Qt theme engines you can install <code>qtcurve-qt4</code> and <code>qtcurve-qt5</code> from the repo by:
sudo pacman -S qtcurve-qt4 qtcurve-qt5
Those two theming engines by themselves have some customisability can be customized, too. With <code>qtcurve</code> you need to manually edit the <code>~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc</code> file. You can, for instance, change the menu bar background colour by
yaourt -S kdestyle-kvantum-kde4-git
It doesn't have KDE dependencies, but its said customisation customization utility seemingly only works in KDE (at this time) as I couldn't see any such utility in my system after installing it. <code>kvantum</code> can be installed as a qt5 Qt5 app as well, but since there's no separate qt5 Qt5 AUR package, you need to install it once more as a qt5 Qt5 app. To do that you should edit the package content when <code>yaourt</code> ask asks you to; just replace the "qt4" entries with "qt5". 
=Panel Theming=

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