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updated =Change Order of Icons on Panel=
=Change Order of Icons on Panel=
You can click the right mouse button on top of a panel element in order to move it. Alternatively, you can move panel elements by holding <code>CTRL+Left Mouse</code> and draging the element. These methods work for all panel elements, except Quick Launch / Starter elementswith added icons.
Quick Launch / Starter elements have "Move Left" and "Move Right" as right click options, which do enable you to freely move it. Just click the "Remove from quicklaunch" in order to remove the icon from the Quick Launch Widget.
 If Now, you want to can move the Quick Launch / Starter elements on your panel, you need to manually edit a file. Open the following file in a text editor: ~/.config/lxqt/panel.confNote that Widget like all folder names beginning with a dot are hidden folders. You need to make them visible by clicking View --> Show Hidden in your PcManFM-Qt File Browser. The <code>~</code> directory is your home folder.  Please note the order of whole paragraphs beginning with <code>[square brackets]</code>. Changing the order of whole paragraphs beginning with <code>[square brackets]</code> does '''not''' move items on your other panelelements. All paragraphs are sorted alphabetically. Pay attention to the paragraphs with After you have moved the title <code>[quicklaunch]</code>. This is the panel element, which contains multiple Quick Launch / Starter items.  The order of every Quick Launch / Starter item can be adjusted separately within the <code>[quicklaunch]</code>. Simply changing Widget to the order of whole paragraphs beginning with <code>[quicklaunch]</code> does '''not''' move Quick Launch / Starter items desired position on your panel, you also need to rename them.  ===Examplefollow [https:===You have the following Quick Launch / Starter items:  [quicklaunch2] alignment=Left apps\1\desktop=/usr/share/applications/pcmanfm-qtwiki.desktop apps\size=1 type=quicklaunch [quicklaunch3] alignment=Left apps\1\desktop=/usr/share/applications/qterminalmanjaro.desktop apps\size=1 type=quicklaunch [quicklaunch4] alignment=Left apps\1\desktop=org/usr/share/applications/firefoxindex.desktop apps\sizephp?title=1 typeLXQt_Theming&action=quicklaunch and you want to have the Mozilla Firefox icon on the left (of all these 3 icons). Please edit the file to look like #Create_Custom_Icon_on_Panel this:  [quicklaunch2tutorial] alignment=Left apps\1\desktop=/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop apps\size=1 type=quicklaunch [quicklaunch3] alignment=Left apps\1\desktop=/usr/share/applications/pcmanfm-qt.desktop apps\size=1 type=quicklaunch [quicklaunch4] alignment=Left apps\1\desktop=/usr/share/applications/qterminal.desktop apps\size=1 type=quicklaunch Please restart to add your panel (see below) to see the changes. This method usually works, but not very precisely. Sometimes the order of Quick Launch / Starter icons is different than specified in the file. Deleting a Quick Launch / Starter item can help, but not always.   If you want to move Quick Launch / Starter item to the far left or right of the panel, please edit the paragraph belonging to the Quick Launch / Starter item and use one of the following lines:  alignment=Left alignment=Right This Method works for all panel elements, but please keep in mind that all other panel elements, except Quick Launch / Starter elements can be moved by clicking the right mouse button on top of a panel element in order to move it.   In order to see the changes logout and log in icon again. If you want to see the changes immediately run the following commands:  killall lxqt-panel lxqt-panel Sometimes, executing <code>lxqt-panel</code> is enough to reload the panel.

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