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This is a good Template, because it shows how to use it

Ask for additional Template

I would like to suggest an additional Template for sudo-commands.

Why ?

because a lot of commands in this wiki are in reality "root"-commands, but are written with :

user $ sudo something COPY TO CLIPBOARD

but this is equivalent to:

root # something COPY TO CLIPBOARD

i would suggest the following colors

  green |red |white on black 
  user $ sudo something

So a reader will see immediately that this is a command executed as root

Good suggestion but I think we have to add new parameter(like isNeedSudo) for usercmd template to do this. Do you know another way? By Oguzkagan

Problem with RTL languages

Hello, First time I encountered this problem was when I was translating a page containing this template to Persian. Somehow I think that the problem is not just about Persian, but about all Right-To-Left languages like Persian. The problem is that the text defined as "command" for this template changes its place from left to right.

Let me make an example so you'd understand it easier:

user $ sudo someting COPY TO CLIPBOARD

As you see above the command and the "user $" is in the correct text direction, LTR. But when you view the translated page containing this template and the text direction in that specific language is RTL, it is like you just cut the text from left & paste it to the right! which should never happen.

Explaining with photos is much more easier but, I don't have the permission to upload, so please look at the main English & the translated Persian text on "Reactivating the Backlight" page for example.

As far as the English text here, is an internal command, it doesn't have to be translated to other languages. And of course text direction must not be changed in translations, but the problem doesn't show itself until you translate the main text to RTL languages like Persian, Arabic, Urdu, etc.

I tried to remove the translation tag of this template, but nothing changed. How can we overcome this issue? Do you have any ideas? By K2latmanesh

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