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Translate Extension
Purpose Usage Example
Initiate page for translation / Produces language selector <languages /> <languages />
Some text
Extract text for translation <translate>Some text</translate>
<translate>Some more text<translate>Some text</translate> Some more text<translate>
<translate>Some text</translate>
[[internal link|<translate>text</translate>]]
[external link <translate>text</translate>]
Division of the translation sections. Written by the extension. Don't delete them, otherwise the translations have to be redone. <!--T:N--> <!--T:323-->
Used to point tp language links. If the article is available at your language, then it will be displayed, if not, then it uses the original article. [[Special:MyLanguage/internal_link_name]] [[Special:MyLanguage/internal_link_name]]
Add the language code which was taken by the Unversal Language Selector. Commenly used for Categories. [[Category:Text{{#translation:}}]] [[Category:Text{{#translation:}}]]


Variables can be used to hide specific content from them translator, so he/she might not change it by accident. <translate>[[<tvar|myvar>hidden internal link</>| Some text]]</translate> And this will be visible for the translator:
[[$myvar|Some text]]

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