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Pamac,在菜单中添加/删除软件,是manjaro的图形软件管理器。 "添加/删除 软件“是一个非常简单而且强有力的工具,可以为你的系统添加和删除软件包(应用)。启动时,它将自动检查官方的Manjaro存储库中是否有新的和可更新的软件。完成之后,只需要输入你要安装或移除的软件或简单描述,然后按下查找按钮。 与你的搜索相匹配的所有已安装和可用的软件便会展示在你屏幕的右侧。单击任何结果的名称便可以在下面立即查看有关它的更多信息。 软件名旁边的复选框将会表明它是否已经被安装。

  • 安装软件包,单击相邻的复选框将它标记为安装。
  • 删除已安装的软件包,单击相邻的复选框将它标记为移除.

当软件包被标记或者清除, 你可以进行更多的搜索直到你点击(检查标记)应用按钮去确定你的选择.就是这么简单!

  • 更新软件包,单击选项卡,查看你的选择,然后单击应用,Pamac 更新程序将会自动检查和通知你任何可用的系统更新。




Screenshot octopi.png

On occasion, particularly when installing new software applications, several other software packages will also be automatically installed as well. These are known as dependencies, as they are necessary for whatever is being installed to work properly. In other words, the software package being downloaded is dependent upon them.

Your package manager will list the dependencies required for software packages in the information pane. For example, as illustrated, if the VLC Media Player were to be installed, then several other software packages --such as to allow it to play different media formats-- would also be automatically be downloaded if not already installed on the system. Without them, the Media Player would not be able to play certain media formats, or perhaps not be able to play anything at all!

You won't need to worry about dependencies yourself, as they will be automatically identified and downloaded for you when necessary.

Manjaro Settings Manager

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The Arch User Repository (AUR)


Using the Terminal


Using Multiple Kernels

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Adding Printing Capabilities


Manjaro User Guide

A more complete user guide can be found in your Applications menu or at location /usr/share/doc/manjaro/Beginner_User_Guide.pdf An online version can be found here.

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