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Vivaldi is a chromium based browser which focuses on providing the ability to customize the browser to meet the end-users needs.

Installing Vivaldi

Vivaldi is available from the manjaro repo.

To install the base Vivaldi you can use the command:

user $ pamac install vivaldi COPY TO CLIPBOARD

If you want to view DRM protected video content you will also need the proprietary widevine codec. This can be installed with

user $ pamac build vivaldi-widevine COPY TO CLIPBOARD

If you also have Google Chrome package installed you can use the widevine plugin bundled with Chrome instead

Lastly, if you want to be able to play common media formats you will need the codecs.

You can install the package vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs with the command

user $ pamac install vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs COPY TO CLIPBOARD

Tips and Tricks

Access Additional Settings

Vivaldi has a settings menu which offers extensive customization ability. However, not all things supported by Chromium are accessible via the menu. To access the underlying Chromium settings, put this in the address bar:


Using the Native File Dialogs on KDE/plasma

By default, Vivaldi will use the GTK file dialogs. If you are using plasma and would prefer native dialogs, you can install the package kdialog using your favorite package manager or with the command:

user $ pamac install kdialog COPY TO CLIPBOARD

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