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Intro: A repository (or "repo") is basically a storage location, usually a server on the internet, that you can install software from. Manjaro users will, by default, be using the official Manjaro repository. These repositories are accessed via the "Manjaro Mirrors." Other software is available in the Arch User Repository (AUR), but be sure read the disclaimer on that page.

Pick a different different official Manjaro repository to download from.

Can't wait to use the latest bleeding-edge software? You don't have to!

Feeling Brave? Then use these repositories to potentially break your system!

Use Devtools to create clean packages for the Manjaro repos.

Download extra software and applications provided by the Arch community.
Want to help out? Then help us find new mirrors!

Automatically find best servers for the fastest downloads!

Scripted terminal menu with five (6) very useful options, that include handling AUR upgrades & also managing the /var/cache/pacman/pkg cache intelligently.

Manjaro now has so many mirrors that ranking them can take too long for some. This guide shows how to make a Custom list that may be more appropriate.