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Wer bin ich?

Who am I?

Was ist mein Ziel hier?

What is my goal here?

  • Übersetzungen von Englisch nach Deutsch
  • Diese Wiki zur ersten Anlaufstelle für Manjaro Nutzer zu machen, wenn Probleme auftreten.
  • Einfache und selbst erklärende Anleitungen zu schreiben und diese aktuell halten.
  • Translations from English to German
  • To make this wiki the first point of contact for Manjaro users when problems arise.
  • To write simple and self-explanatory tutorials and keep them up to date.

Ich hoffe für die Zukunft, dass wir einverstanden sein werden, dass wir nicht immer einverstanden sein werden, aber dennoch respektvoll miteinander umgehen.

Auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit!

I hope for the future that we will agree, that we will not always agree, but still be respectful to each other.

To a good cooperation!


Here i will add a list of regex commands for daily usage for remembering.

Description Search Replace
Add "Special:MyLanguage" to internal links (?!\[\[(C|c)ategory:|\[\[(F|f)ile:|\[\[(I|i)mage:|\[\[(S|s)pecial:MyLanguage/)\[\[([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\]\] [[Special:MyLanguage/$5|<translate>$5</translate>]]
(?!\[\[(C|c)ategory:|\[\[(F|f)ile:|\[\[(I|i)mage:|\[\[(S|s)pecial:MyLanguage/)\[\[([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\|([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\]\] [[Special:MyLanguage/$5|<translate>$6</translate>]]
links within <translate> tags \[(http(s|):\/\/[A-Za-z./-_]+) ([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\] [<tvar|link>$1</> $3]
\[(http(s|):\/\/[A-Za-z./-_]+)] [<tvar|link>$1</>]
(?!\[\[(C|c)ategory:|\[\[(F|f)ile:|\[\[(I|i)mage:|\[\[(S|s)pecial:MyLanguage/)\[\[([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\|([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\]\] [[<tvar|link>Special:MyLanguage/$5</>|$6]]
(?!\[\[(C|c)ategory:|\[\[(F|f)ile:|\[\[(I|i)mage:|\[\[(S|s)pecial:MyLanguage/)\[\[([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\]\] [[<tvar|link>Special:MyLanguage/$5</>|$5]]
Remove misc tags of the translate extension <!--T:\d+-->
prepare categories \[\[((C|c)ategory:([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+))\]\] [[$1{{#translation:}}]]
\[\[(:(C|c)ategory:([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+))\]\] [[$3{{#translation:}}|<translate>$3</translate>]]
\[\[(:(C|c)ategory:([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+)\|([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#]+))\]\] [[$3{{#translation:}}|<translate>$4</translate>]]
prepare lists (?!(\* |\* )(''|''')(\[\[|\[)|(\* |\* )<translate>)(\* |\* )([A-Za-z0-9 ()'+-_#,.()]+) * <translate>$4</translate>


Translate Extension
Purpose Usage Example
Initiate page for translation / Produces language selector <languages /> <languages />
Some text
Extract text for translation <translate>Some text</translate>
<translate>Some more text<translate>Some text</translate> Some more text<translate>
<translate>Some text</translate>
[[internal link|<translate>text</translate>]]
[external link <translate>text</translate>]
Division of the translation sections. Written by the extension. Don't delete them, otherwise the translations have to be redone. <!--T:N--> <!--T:323-->
Used to point tp language links. If the article is available at your language, then it will be displayed, if not, then it uses the original article. [[Special:MyLanguage/internal_link_name]] [[Special:MyLanguage/internal_link_name]]
Add the language code which was taken by the Unversal Language Selector. Commenly used for Categories. [[Category:Text{{#translation:}}]] [[Category:Text{{#translation:}}]]


Variables can be used to hide specific content from them translator, so he/she might not change it by accident. <translate>[[<tvar|myvar>hidden internal link</>| Some text]]</translate> And this will be visible for the translator:
[[$myvar|Some text]]

Further information: