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Manjaro Linux的目标用户既是初学者也是专业用户。我们提供UI工具和脚本来使得生活更加方便。Manjaro支持开箱即用的英伟达Optimus技术。Philip Müller - Manjaro开发者


"Manjaro"是一个基于独立开发的Arch Linux的对用户友好的Linux发行版。Arch本身以突出的运行速度、强大功能和轻量体积而闻名,且提供非常及时的先进——而且前沿的——软件。然而,Arch也面向更有经验的或技术性的用户。因此,它通常被看作是缺少专业知识或毅力然而需要使用的用户所难以企及的。

开发于澳大利亚、法国和德国的Manjaro在提供Arch Linux的所有好处同时也结合了对“用户友好”和“可用性”的聚焦。Manjaro紧随Arch Linux且仅提供64位版本。Manjaro对于新手和经验丰富的Linux用户都很合适。“对于新手”,有一个用户友好的软件安装器,而且系统本身也被设计成为完全“开箱即用”——包含其中的功能与特性。

  • Pre-installed desktop environments
  • Pre-installed Graphical Software Managers to easily install software and update your system, and
  • Pre-installed codecs to play multimedia files

For more experienced - and adventurous - users Manjaro also offers the configurability and versatility to be shaped and moulded in every respect to suit personal taste and preference. Manjaro Architect is both a CLI installer, available side by side with the graphics installer and a CLI based ISO giving the option to install any Manjaro flavours and offers unflavoured DE installation, filesystem choices and bootloader choice for those who wants complete freedom to shape their system; starting from a command line, you are completely free to chose your own greeters, desktops, hardware drivers, software applications, and so on!



Manjaro shares many of the same features as Arch, including:

However, Manjaro boasts a few extra features of its own, including:

  • A simplifed, user-friendly installation process
  • Automatic detection of your computer's hardware (e.g. graphics cards)
  • Automatic installation of the necessary software (e.g. graphics drivers) for your system
  • Its own dedicated software repositories to ensure delivery of fully tested and stable software packages, and
  • Support for the easy installation and use of multiple kernels.

Latest Stable Releases

The latest stable and community releases are available from Manjaro

Official announcements can be viewed at Manjaro News.

Community Editions differ from official releases insofar as they are not subject to the same release schedules, and will only be developed when the time and resources are available.


Latest Test-builds

The latest test-builds of Manjaro are available from OSDN


Recommended System Requirements

Recommended rather than minimum system requirements have been provided in order to ensure that you get the most out of your Manjaro system. Although many distributions will list the bare minimum specifications necessary to run, it wouldn't be a particularly fun or useful experience to actually use them! As such, it is recommended to have at least:

  • One gigabyte (GB) of memory
  • Thirty gigabytes (GB) of hard disk space
  • A one gigahertz (Ghz) processor
  • A high definition (HD) graphics card and monitor
  • A broadband internet connection
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