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vivaldi is now in official repo - replaced with google chrome - using google-chrome as example build for all examples
{{UserCmd|command=pamac search -a [software package name]}}
For example, if wishing to install ''VivaldiGoogle Chrome'' enter ''vivaldigoogle-chrome'' as the query and a list of potential matches is shown. To build the example with '''pamac''' enter the following and press enter{{UserCmd|command=pamac build vivaldigoogle-chrome}}
You will be presented with the outcome of the chosen build with all dependencies and you will be asked a couple of questions.
{{UserCmd|command=pamac install base-devel git}}
* Clone the PKGBUILD
{{UserCmd|command=git clone}}
* Change directory to cloned folder
{{UserCmd|command=cd foogoogle-chrome}}
* To make/compile the package, run:
{{UserCmd|command=makepkg -s}}
you'll probably find a few new files. You're interested in the one that ends with .pkg.tar.zst
* The final event is running $sudo pacman -U on that file
{{UserCmd|command=sudo pacman -U}}
And you've done it...the safest way to install from the AUR. This is essentially what most install scripts do for you.
''Note:'' Instead of using ''sudo pacman -U'' can also use:
{{UserCmd|command=makepkg -i}}
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