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== Using commandline [[Pamac]] ==
{{Important|It is '''strongly''' recommended to first visit the follow this link [http AUR website] and examine the relevant page(s) for any and all software intended to be installed.
These pages contain comments from both existing users and package developers, which may provide valuable information (such as, warnings and/or solutions to problems).
The AUR website can be found '''[ here]'''}}
To search for and install software packages from the AUR, the syntax is:
{{UserCmd|command=pamac search -a [software package name]}}
For example, if wishing to install ''Google Chrome'' enter - first follow this link to '''[ build scripts]''' and verify which package you want to build. We could also ask pamac - for ''Google Chrome'' candidates. Just use the search command and ''Google Chrome'' as the query and a list . Look over the results or narrow the search parameters{{UserCmd|command=pamac search Google Chrome}} In the example we choose the standard version of potential matches is shown''Google Chrome''. To build the example ''google-chrome'' package with '''pamac''' enter the following and press enter
{{UserCmd|command=pamac build google-chrome}}
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