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Contents page

For a page containing a list of all Wiki guides and tutorials sorted alphabetically click here.

Getting Started



Various articles to answer all your questions!
New to Manjaro? Start here for an overview!


Online et Support

Notre forum, Twitter, Reddit, et Facebook.
Additional direct support for Manjaro users.


Télécharger Manjaro

Où trouver les dernières et meilleures parutions de Manjaro.

Vérifier l'intégrité de votre téléchargement Manjaro sous Linux et Windows



Graver Manjaro sur CD/DVD ou une clé USB avec Linux ou Windows.
Guides d'installation et de partitionnement pour utilisateurs débutants et expérimentés.

Personnalisation et configuration


Amorçage / Démarrage

Comment activer la virtualisation, exécutez Manjaro sur système Windows 8, et plus!
Installer, configurer ou encore contourner MDM, GDM, SDDM, LXDM ou SLiM.
Options SystemD et fstab pour monter un périphérique.
How to increase the size of boot, shutdown, and GRUB menu fonts.


DEs / WMs

Conky can display a lot of useful information on your desktop.
Install popular desktops and apply a range of desktop-specific configuration.
Ensure QT apps match GTK+ DE/WM theming.
Ensure Java apps match GTK+ DE/WM theming.


Software Management

Modifier les dépôts, rechercher les miroirs plus rapides, etc.
Instructions pour utiliser le Gestionnaire de paquets et plus.
There's a range of user-friendly software managers available!
Découvrir et utiliser AUR.
Extend your software library using Flatpaks
Installer et gérer les Snaps avec Manjaro
A collection of tips and configurations for many applications


Matériel / MSM

MSM can set your Language, User Account, Kernel, Time and Date, Graphics Card Drivers, and more.
Noyaux et Drivers.(mhwd)
View, install, remove, or reinstall GPU drivers and much more.
Got the power? No? Then optimise it!
Installez les logiciels nécessaires et activez l'impression.
Configuring tablets and pens.
Tips specific to ARM systems


Réseau / Internet

Security, Customisation, and Configuration.
Firewalls avec Manjaro
Solution for update dynamic IP for openDNS service.
Use a mouse and keyboard across multiple machines & operating systems.
Managing networking
How to setup Samba share in your network.
Using Python's built-in network capabilities to share files.
One of the many ways to mount shares.


System / Misc

The policykity rules implemented by Manjaro
How to shrink and add a partition & make Manjaro know where & what it is.
Shortcuts for your terminal.
Set of tools used by Manjaro developers and advanced users.
Information on different file systems, how they work, and how to use them.
All about swap space
Manage Systemd's Journal & syslog-ng's /var/log/*log files.
Information on root and superuser passwords.
Solutions & workarounds for various Windows versions.
Set custom keyboard bindings.
How to view and edit files in each Manjaro edition.

Résolution des problèmes


Amorçage / Démarrage

Can't boot Manjaro? You may be able to repair rather than reinstall!
Prevent Manjaro's GRUB from being overridden.
Solution for a problem that affects certain computers using JMicron chips.



Hopefully one of these tips will fix your screen tearing problem.
A fix for the "no locale support" error in dmenu.



The solution for an issue that particularly affects some makes of laptops.
Un test rapide dans le Terminal.
Troubleshooting common issues related to ALSA.



Full user guide on every aspect of Wiki authorship and maintenance.
Guide de création d'une nouvelle page wiki.



How to create an account, and the dos and do-nots for Wiki contributors.
Point de départ pour ceux et celles qui désirent contribuer au wiki.