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虽然 Manjaro 是基于 Arch 开发,并且可以兼容 Arch,可是,它并不是 Arch。严格来讲,Manjaro 绝不仅是某个易于安装或已预先配置的 Arch 版本,而更是一只特立独行的“猛兽”。

事实上,Manjaro 与 Arch 的差异,要远远大于流行的 Ubuntu 发行版与 Ubuntu 的许多其他的衍生发行版之间的差异,这也包括 Mint 和 Zorin 在内。为了更清楚的了解 Manjaro,简单概括了它的一些主要特点。

  • Manjaro 是基于 Arch 独立开发的,由完全不同的团队制作。
  • Manjaro 是为新手简易设计的,而 Arch 面向的则是更熟练的老用户。
  • Manjaro 从独有的仓库中获取软件,这些仓库里也包含着 Arch 所未提供的软件包。
  • Manjaro 提供其发行的特定工具,例如 Manjaro 硬件检测(mhwd)和 Manjaro 设置管理器(msm)。
  • Manjaro 与 Arch 相比,在操作方式上有许多细微的差异。


Manjaro kernel management

It is important to know the kernel definitions. The Linux kernel project uses three definitions
  1. Mainline (Development)
  2. Stable (Mainline which have passed rc7/rc8)
  3. Long Term Support (LTS)

Linux Kernel project release

When reading Manjaro documentation either on this Wiki or the forum you will often see an expression such as latest stable or latest LTS and those is the terms used the by upstream project.

A stable kernel is NOT LTS - a subtle but very important difference.

When a Manjaro ISO is released it contains the latest Long Time (LTS) as defined by upstream kernel project. This practise makes it possible to install Manjaro and keep it running using the LTS kernel - if not for ever - then for a very long time.

The latest and greatest hardware may have poor or non existing support using the LTS kernel. Such hardware will require you to use what is referenced as the stable kernel.

The stable kernel goes End Of Life (EOL) when the next mainline becomes stable which happens roughly every 2 months. If you are using the stable kernel - not LTS - you will have to ensure you are syncing the next stable kernel.

A stable kernel on Manjaro is never synced to the next stable kernel like you may be used to with an Arch Linux install.

If you neglect you are running an EOL kernel you will get various driver issues - most prominently Nvidia drivers - when the EOL kernel is removed from the repo. Such issues is not a Manjaro fault but a fault of the system admin who neglected proper system maintenance.



Manjaro 与 Arch 和其他基于 Arch 的发行版不同的另一个特点是它专注于简化一般系统维护的工具。这不仅仅局限于提供简单的图形安装程序和预配置桌面环境的范围。 Manjaro 还提供一系列由 Manjaro 团队独家开发的强大工具。

Manjaro 硬件检测

Manjaro 内核检测

Manjaro 设置管理器

Pamac 软件包管理器


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